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Internet Explorer security update released

Microsoft has released an operating system update which fixes five vulnerabilities, including the zero day flaw recently reported by Get Safe Online that is cracking Windows systems via the most common versions of its Internet Explorer...

23 September 2012


Legal rethink following offensive Daley Tweet

An offensive Twitter message received by Team GB diver Tom Daley has prompted a rethink of social media rules on abuse by the Director of Public Prosecutions. For more information on safe social networking, click here Daley received the...

21 September 2012


Student loan fraud warning

First-time university students are being warned that revealing too much information on social networking sites could result in their student loans being stolen by fraudsters. For more information on safe social networking, click here The...

19 September 2012


New ‘Olympics’ cash windfall email scam

Online fraudsters are still exploiting Olympics fever with the latest in a rash of Games-associated scams. The email scam, which tells people they have won hundreds of thousands of pounds in the Lottery, is being investigated by Police. For more...

18 September 2012


Beware of webcam blackmail

A dramatic increase has been reported in webcam blackmail, where victims are lured into taking off their clothes in front of their webcam - and sometimes performing sexual acts - allowing the fraudster to record a video. For more information on...

17 September 2012

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