Christmas … are you prepared?

We probably don’t need to remind you that Christmas is just a week away.

So if you haven’t finished your shopping, ordered the turkey, emailed your online cards or booked that New Year break, you could be cutting it a bit fine.

Which is OK, but what isn’t OK is cutting corners on online safety because you’re too busy to take a few simple precautions to keep yourself protected.

So please take a look at our Christmas Checklist which you can access by clicking here, or alternatively clicking on the large panel on our homepage. It’s like a list of things to do before Christmas – like shopping, social networking, sending money and travel booking – but with links to the relevant pages on this website where you can read about what to watch out for, and what to do if you encounter a problem whilst doing any of these things on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Go on, take a look now and make sure you stay safe when doing that last minute shopping, chatting or booking online. And have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year, from all of the team at Get Safe Online.


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