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Spammers likely to receive heavy fines

An appeal for information by the Information Commissioner (ICO), has resulted in potential fines in excess of £250,000 to be handed out to two people who sent millions of spam text messages. For more information on identifying and...

2 October 2012


Privacy risk from rented or borrowed computers

Get Safe Online is warning people who borrow or rent computers to do so only from trusted, reputable sources to minimise the risk of being affected by theft of personal information or even physical webcam spying. For more information on...

1 October 2012


Help someone to get safe online

27 September 2012


More security worries for Java

Following a warning published on this website almost a month ago about security vulnerabilities in Java, researchers have discovered another critical flaw which could cause users major problems. If you have Java installed on your machine - which...

26 September 2012


Twitter-based scams on the increase

24 September 2012


Internet Explorer security update released

Microsoft has released an operating system update which fixes five vulnerabilities, including the zero day flaw recently reported by Get Safe Online that is cracking Windows systems via the most common versions of its Internet Explorer...

23 September 2012

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