Rihanna ‘sex video’ event scam

Global singing megastar Rihanna is the subject of the latest Facebook scam. But some users of the site will be familar with similar scams from last year.

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If any of your Facebook friends post a mesasge about an alleged Rihanna sex video, ignore it.

The links have now been blocked by Facebook's security team as they have been reported as malicious, but another disguise will undoubtedly be adopted by the scammers to bypass the block.

This type of scam spreads by taking advantage of people's natural curiosity – especially the opportunity to see an attractive celebrity in a 'compromising' situation.

If you have been duped into clicking on the link, make sure you remove the remains of the scam from your newsfeed and delete any messages or events you may have inadvertently shared with 

your friends.

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