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Computers affected without warning via Java hack

Both PC and Apple Mac users are being warned about a major security vulnerability in the latest version of Java. The 'Zero-Day' hack circulating via browser-based Java software has already hit Windows and is a serious danger to Apple Mac...

29 August 2012


‘Royal Mail’ email is a scam containing malware

People are being warned about an email currently doing the rounds that claims to be from Royal Mail, but is actually a scam containing malware that infects computers. The cybercriminals reponsible are playing on people's curiosity and hoping...

23 August 2012


Tesco online security being investigated

  One of the biggest retail websites in the UK is to be asked to explain the alleged poor security practices of its website to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). The inquiry into follows investigations by security...

20 August 2012


Students urged to watch out for rental scams

Now that 'A' level results are out, one of the first priorities for students securing university places is seeking accommodation. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning about the potential for fraudsters to target...

17 August 2012

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