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Two police forces may have been hacked

A hacker has posted online what appears to be login information for police officers in the Hertfordshire and Nottinghamshire constabularies. The usernames, passwords and PINs were posted to Pastebin on Thursday, along with the banner...

3 September 2012


Fake dental equipment being sold online

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has warned people and dental staff to be wary when buying dental equipment from the Internet after its enforcement investigators seized a number of potentially dangerous fake dental...

31 August 2012


Websites’ authentication procedures not enough, say experts

When it comes to identifying that you really are who you say you are on service providers' websites, the questions you have to answer can no longer be the only means of verification, say experts. This is because the answers can be easily found...

30 August 2012


Computers affected without warning via Java hack

Both PC and Apple Mac users are being warned about a major security vulnerability in the latest version of Java. The 'Zero-Day' hack circulating via browser-based Java software has already hit Windows and is a serious danger to Apple Mac...

29 August 2012


‘Royal Mail’ email is a scam containing malware

People are being warned about an email currently doing the rounds that claims to be from Royal Mail, but is actually a scam containing malware that infects computers. The cybercriminals reponsible are playing on people's curiosity and hoping...

23 August 2012

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