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‘Better Internet for Kids’ report launched on Safer Internet Day

February 12th 2021 Today, Safer Internet Day 2021, sees the release of 'Better Internet for Kids' (BIK), a review of the year 2020. It provides a summary of a multitude of stakeholder efforts to protect children and young people online...

12 February 2021


Half of young people encounter misleading content online daily

February 9th 2021 To mark this year’s Safer Internet Day, new research released today by the official coordinators the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC), shows young people’s experience of misleading content online as well as the strategies...

9 February 2021


New ‘HMRC’ scam texts follow new lockdown

January 5th 2021 Scammers are already busy sending out fake ‘HMRC’ texts following yesterday’s announcement of another national lockdown. Frauds exploiting people’s concern and confusion over COVID-19 began as soon as the pandemic hit,...

5 January 2021


Warning about COVID-19 vaccination scams

December 22nd 2020 Very predictably, the launch of the staged mass vaccination of people in the UK against COVID-19, is being accompanied by a rash of attempts at fraud, as reported by Trading Standards departments around the...

22 December 2020


LEGO launches activities to help act against cyberbullying

November 20th 2020 The LEGO Group has today expanded its range of family-focused digital child safety and wellbeing initiatives to help families have conversations and learn more about how to tackle cyberbullying in an engaging, memorable...

20 November 2020


HMRC scams warning for Self Assessment customers

November 17th 2020 As HMRC issues thousands of SMS messages and emails as part of its annual Self Assessment tax return push, the department is warning customers completing their returns to take care to avoid being caught out by scammers. The...

17 November 2020


Charities warned of increasing fraud risks

October 19th 2020 The Charity Commission is warning trustees and donors to strengthen their defences as it fears the pandemic has created environments that are enabling charity fraud. As we enter Charity Fraud Awareness Week (19 – 23 October...

19 October 2020


Criminals exploit COVID-19 as fraud moves increasingly online

Losses to unauthorised fraud fell by eight per cent in the first half of this year to £374.3 million, figures from UK Finance’s half-year fraud report for 2020 have revealed. The banking and finance industry prevented £853 million of...

24 September 2020

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