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You, Coronavirus and staying safe online

May 6th 2020 Get Safe Online has launched its #SaferOnlineLockdown campaign, inviting individuals to reach out to its experts for online advice during the pandemic. If you had one question you’d like to ask about online safety under...

6 May 2020


NCSC launches range of new protection measures

April 21st 2020 Cyber experts have launched a number of measures intended to help protect the UK from online harm as the country continues to rely more on technology while staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives. The National Cyber...

21 April 2020


Keeping children safe online during the Coronavirus outbreak

March 23rd 2020 Now that the vast majority of school-age children are at home owing to school closures, at least you do not have to worry about whether they will be infected by the Coronavirus whilst in the classroom or school playground....

23 March 2020


Coronavirus scams you should be aware of

In common with most other crisis situations, criminals are using emails, text messages, social media posts, online advertisements and phone calls to defraud their unsuspecting victims....

16 March 2020

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