Watch out for scam Tesco Facebook post

As many Facebook users may know (or will have found out to their cost), the social networking site is rife with scam posts. Here’s the latest, purporting to be from supermarket giant Tesco and offering a £175 shopping voucher. The post, that actually takes unsuspecting people to a fraudulent site hosted in the US, features authentic-looking Tesco logo and ‘Every little helps’ strapline, but a sure sign that it is fake, is that the Facebook and Twitter icons at the top of the page do not lead anywhere.

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The post reads:

1) First, Share This Page

2) Lastly, Type "Thanks Tesco" below then hit comment.

In response, Tesco posted the following on its Facebook page on Tuesday 21st August:

SCAM WARNING: Please do not click on Facebook pages or any other web pages saying ‘You must share this page then type ‘Thanks Tesco’ as a comment. After you post your comment you will be redirected automatically to claim your £175 voucher’. There are other sites promising you a £175 Tesco voucher or charging you to receive texts. They are pretending to be Tesco and are nothing to do with us. They may be trying to rip off either you or your information. Please warn your friends.


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