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What is a ‘catfish’?

14 September 2021

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Get Safe Online joins new group to help protect older individuals from abuse during lockdown

As lockdown continues, and the threat of abuse both online and in the home for older people is ever present, Get Safe Online has today teamed up with a number of organisations in Wales to form a group to specifically cater for taking care of the...

22 April 2020


Get Safe Online podcast: Working from home and dealing with scams during the Coronavirus pandemic

In this podcast, Get Safe Online Content Director Tim Mitchell talks with Olivia Wolfheart from BCS (Chartered Institute of IT) about how to work online safely and securely from home, and also some of the scams spawned by the Coronavirus...

9 April 2020


Get Safe Online announces partnership with Neighbourhood Alert

Get Safe Online has partnered with Neighbourhood Alert to provide credible, relevant and useful advice to its nation-wide community on all elements of staying safe online. The partnership kicked off last week with the distribution of Get Safe...

7 April 2020


Current Coronavirus-related online scams you should be aware of

Invariably, a crisis affecting large numbers of people triggers a huge volume of fraudulent activity.   With Coronavirus, expect fake ads for anything from vaccines to facemasks, links to sensational news and video, bogus charity...

25 March 2020


Call blockers for people receiving scam or nuisance phone calls

The NTS Scams Team has suspended the call blocking project until further notice to protect UK citizens from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Follow them at @AgainstScams on Twitter or @FriendsAgainst on Facebook, and check in on their...

13 March 2020


Protecting yourself against identity theft and fraud

We’re living in a technological age, where storing our data online has become the norm. But how safe is the information we’re putting on the internet?  Theft and fraud are becoming a greater threat, as more people look to...

4 March 2020


Children’s gaming addiction: what is it and how to spot the signs

This is Children’s Mental Health Week and, unsurprisingly, many parents are discovering new causes for concern. Predictably, reliance on technology is a recurring discussion when it comes to young people’s mental wellbeing –...

6 February 2020


Three of the most common types of cybercrime and how to protect yourself against them

It won’t be a surprise to anyone that the importance of the internet has become greater and greater over the last few years. Perhaps equally unsurprising, but a lot more problematic, is the ever increasing number of cybercriminals that...

19 December 2019

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