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Digital safety and safeguarding children and young people from harmful influences online

The impact of COVID-19 means that most of us will be at home for an extended period and are likely to be spending increasing amounts of time online. The online world is also a necessity for many children in accessing schoolwork and it delivers...

10 August 2020


Lock down on burglaries this summer

As lockdown eases in the UK, a rise in burglaries is expected. Neighbourhood Watch has partnered with the Home Office to create a new social media campaign that alerts those most at risk, with practical tools that are proven to prevent burglary by...

27 July 2020


Cyber security update for all health and social care staff

The current global health crisis has unfortunately led to an increase in cyber-attacks on the health care systems globally. The recent blog by the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) at the Imperial College London highlights some the...

2 July 2020


Security-by-design: the inside-out approach to combat IOT breaches

The world is fast moving towards an era of constant and seamless connectivity led by technologies like 5G and IoT networks. There are already billions of IoT devices that are online around the world, while new devices are being connected every...

9 June 2020


Online safety advice for parents during lockdown

As the country (and, indeed most of the world) continues to endure, weeks of lockdown, digital living has become the norm. With the vast majority still children off school and spending more time on screens than ever, what concerns do parents have...

1 June 2020


Three things popular culture can teach us about cybersecurity

Maybe someday, Hollywood will understand cybersecurity. I'm not holding my breath, though. Outside of a few rare properties and occasions, the majority of popular culture inevitably resorts to a set of sensationalized, borderline absurd...

20 May 2020


Keeping kids safe online – there’s an app for that (or 5!)

The risks that children face today look different from how they did in the past. With easy access to the internet, there are endless opportunities for learning and connection, but those opportunities also come with risks. Children can quickly...

30 April 2020

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