Protecting yourself against identity theft and fraud

We’re living in a technological age, where storing our data online has become the norm. But how safe is the information we’re putting on the internet? 

Theft and fraud are becoming a greater threat, as more people look to exploit technical loopholes to gain access to vital information.

But how do you prevent such attacks?

A new guide from TotallyMoney focuses on protecting yourself  – particularly if you fall into the demographic known as ‘millenniall’ – against identity theft and fraud. It provides advice on how to safeguard against potential invasions of your personal information. To illustrate the scale of the issue, it includes figures from fraud prevention organisation Cifas.

From understanding how you could be targeted, to strengthening your security measures, it covers pretty much everything you should be doing to protect yourself against attack:

–  The impact of online theft and fraud

–  How can thieves target you?

–  Signs you’ve been targeted

–  Preventing an attack

–  What should you do if you’re a victim of fraud?

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