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Should schools ban phones?

The contentious issue of whether smartphones should be allowed in schools is once again being debated by government officials, parents, and education professionals, following a leaked report on the new government’s education plan. One of...

10 September 2019


How to protect your identity … offline

When most people think of identity theft, they probably think of criminals defrauding victims using digital tactics such as MITM (man in the middle) attacks or phishing scams. They see the online world as a place where everything needs encryption...

27 August 2019


Has your child converted their Instagram account to a business account?

If your child has an Instagram account, here’s a new concern you should be aware of. It’s arisen from the fact that over the last few months, the largest social media and photo sharing platform on the planet has been steadily...

14 August 2019


Don’t let a scammer enjoy your retirement

Scammers are targeting pension pots of all sizes. Make sure you know how to spot the warning signs and how to keep your pension safe. Pension scams can be hard to spot. Scammers can be articulate and financially knowledgeable, with credible...

6 August 2019


How to make your smartphone payments more secure

Results from our independent survey, looking into the use of mobile payments among British consumers, showed that a fair number of people don’t use mobile payment options due to concerns over security. This links to a general distrust of...

11 July 2019


Protecting Yourself When Shopping Online: 3 Quick Tips

Twenty years ago, getting people to trust online shopping was a huge hurdle for ecommerce. Would-be buyers were afraid to provide credit card and other personal information online. The situation has changed dramatically. Today’s online...

27 June 2019


Four ways to avoid scams when buying your jewellery online

With more and more of us making the majority of our purchases over the net, it’s important that you know just what checks you should make when shopping online. When it comes to buying jewellery, you’ll likely be spending quite a bit of...

14 June 2019


Roblox – what is it, and how safe is it?

My son asked me once if he could play Roblox. It’s not a game I play, but I’ve certainly heard of it – I seem to recall a couple of his favourite Youtubers (celebrities who record gameplay videos) play it. Turns out, some of his friends...

4 June 2019

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