How to have a safe and secure connected Christmas

These days, there’s more to many gifts you buy for your family and friends – and indeed for yourself – than just unwrapping them and getting on with using them.

That’s because so many products used in and out of the home are connected to the internet, requiring them to be set up and used so they’re safe and secure, protecting you, your family, finances, identity, devices and even your workplace.

Whether these ‘new arrivals’ are phones or tablets, fitness watches, cameras, wireless speakers, voice assistants, children’s toys or Wi-Fi toasters, it’s your responsibility to make sure how they’re set up and used can’t pose a threat to your home network, your confidential computer files, your contacts list or your kids’ safety.

Doing this doesn’t take long and isn’t rocket science. And however much fun you’re having at Christmas or however keen the children are to try out their new online toys, it's something you need to do. So best to make sure you’ve set connected devices up correctly before you wrap them.

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