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She’s a potential romance fraud victim, get her out of there

My wife and I had good friends round for a meal last night. We all try to avoid talking about work. Politics ... fine. Religion ... no problem. Work, however, is taboo, that's just the way it is. But sometimes, you can't help it, and...

24 February 2013


Careful or paranoid?

You know how you work in a particular field or industry, and your knowledge of what goes on in your work doesn't stop at 5.30 on a Friday? If you were in printing, for example, and your beloved excitedly brought home the latest holiday...

18 February 2013


How I got clickjacked

I’m an idiot. Recently, I received a direct Twitter message from my one of my closest friends late one night. It said, “did you see this picture of you lol” and included a shortened web link. Considering that my friend is a...

15 February 2013


Could Mr or Ms Right really be Mr or Ms Wrong?

Online dating is a 365-day-a-year activity, but it's on Valentine's Day when a lot of people give it a go for the first time. Have fun, but take a few tips on board: Select Your Dating Site(s) Wisely Choose a site that will protect your...

14 February 2013


Don’t fall for fake Valentine’s Day messages

Exchanging Valentine's Day cards and gifts is a fun tradition...unless the message is really an attempt to trick you into buying a non-existent product or visit a malicious website. Here are a few Valentine's Day scams we expect to see...

13 February 2013


Zombie attack! reports US TV channel

These hackers are getting everywhere. According to this morning's Metro, viewers were stunned when their programming was disrupted by warnings of zombies rising from their graves and attacking the living. Four (viewers, not zombies) actually...

13 February 2013


Soon, it’ll be drive safe online

I suppose I should stop being surprised about the speed at which technology develops. Here's an example: At Barcelona's Mobile World Congress jsut three years ago almost to the day, telecoms giant Alcatel Lucent launched the '4G...

12 February 2013


Stop and think to foil spam opportunists

Tony Larks recounts a personal experience .... Things move pretty fast in cyber space. We’ve all been pulled along on a web-based rollercoaster ride of technological ingenuity and innovation over the past 15 years, bringing us more and...

6 February 2013

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