‘Lloyds Pharmacy’ online scam

The City of London Police – the UK’s police for economic crime – have advised us that they have received a number of reports about a scam linked to NHS prescriptions.

People are receiving phishing emails that advise them that by signing up to LloydsDirect, they can easily manage their prescriptions and have them delivered for free.

The email contains a link believed to be for the purposes of either gaining recipients’ personal or financial information or downloading harmful malware on to their device … or both. To make the emails seem more authentic, the scammers add  images and logos associated with LloydsDirect and the NHS. They also include Trustpilot reviews.

Free delivery from the legitimate LloydsDirect is a service that is indeed offered to its customers, making the scam seem even more legitimate, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis when many people are looking to save money. Click here for more information on how to identify and avoid phishing emails.

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