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Ransomware: ‘WannaCry guidance for enterprise administrators

Guidance for enterprise administrators who want to reduce the likelihood of being held to ransom by WannaCry (or other types of ransomware). Created:  14 May 2017 Updated:  17 May 2017   The NCSC are aware of a...

18 May 2017


A brief overview of next gen firewalls

Next gen firewalls (NGFWs) are deep packet inspection firewalls which provide a level of network security that surpasses the capabilities of traditional firewalls by moving beyond port/protocol inspection. Firewalls provide an essential function...

15 February 2017


Why CESG decided to advise against forcing regular password expiry

Regular password expiry is a common requirement in many security policies. However, in CESG's Password Guidance published in 2015, we explicitly advised against it. This article explains why we made this (for many)...

26 April 2016


The risk and rewards of wearables in the workplace

Many businesses have implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), allowing employees to use personal laptops, tablets and smartphones to access company data and resources. Some businesses have gone further and implemented a Bring Your Own...

20 April 2016


What does a cyber security strategy look like?

One of the ways I keep up with what is new and current thinking in the cyber security world when I am on the road is by listening to the “Through the Security Rabbit Hole” podcast. As I was listening to one of the recent...

4 December 2015


Finding information to help my business tackle cybercrime and its threat

The question asked by many a business is ‘Where do I find information about cybercrime and the threat it poses ?’ One good starting point is the CERT, the Government's Computer Emergency Response Team. In its own words it is...

10 November 2015


TalkTalk saga: lessons and thoughts

Last weekend, the telecoms giant TalkTalk faced a huge crisis having been hacked by person or people unknown. News of the attack broke swiftly and was followed by a tsunami of interest and concern across social media. At the front of the...

28 October 2015

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