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Breach detection: how to know if your business has been compromised

When many people think of cyber attacks and data breaches they often imagine scary pop-ups demanding a ransom or making threats. These are the kinds of hacks that are commonly portrayed in movies and other media because they are most attention...

22 November 2018


Why cybersecurity training is essential for your business (infographic)

The greatest threat to your business cybersecurity is, contrary to what you would expect, internal. We are not talking about spies or infiltrated competitor agents. The real threat you should consider is your trusted employees.   They are...

30 October 2018


Ecommerce security for different cloud models – does the difference matter?

In ecommerce, one of the first and most important steps before launching a business is to decide about a platform to build it on. Along with all the capabilities they will get, merchants must question how secure it is and what measures they will...

19 September 2018


Five cyber security tips that could save your small business

Many small businesses make the mistake of assuming that they are not at risk from cybercrime. This is usually due to the fact that they believe their size means it is unlikely they would be a target for cyber criminals. While it may be true that...

18 July 2018


Four simple data security practices to implement immediately

SMEs cannot afford to neglect proper data security practices in the workplace, especially since the introduction of GDPR in May. A recent report by the Zurich SME Risk Index found that 1 in 6 UK SMEs had been affected by cyber attacks in the past...

12 July 2018


Cybersecurity reality check: the concerns of SMBs from most to least worried

Many of us have concerns about the use of technology, its security and the effects of breaches on business. But are our fears well founded or are we paranoid?    At Avast, we asked small business owners and employees about their...

15 February 2018


Here, there and everywhere: the cyber threats facing owner managed businesses

When cyber-attacks and data breaches hit the news, they invariably involve the largest businesses or national institutions like the NHS. But this doesn’t mean owner managed businesses (OMBs) are not under threat too. Every OMB,...

1 February 2018


Is your Business Cyber Savvy?

Cybercrime is an ever-growing risk that threatens both individuals and businesses around the world. Earlier this year, we consulted a panel of cybersecurity experts to find out about the biggest cyber threats that small businesses face in...

7 August 2017

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