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The three most common errors business owners make in cybersecurity

Every day, an increasing amount of our business is carried out online. Entrepreneurs across the globe are taking advantage of the ease of an internet-connected world to innovate. Today, consumers are largely relying on the internet to inform and...

8 May 2019


Six steps to securing your data in the cloud

More businesses than ever are entrusting their data and IT infrastructure to the cloud. Recent estimates put the number of organisations that are using the cloud in one form or another as high as 96 per cent. If you have just made the move to the...

3 May 2019


How to protect your passwords from hackers

In an age when data breaches seem to dominate the headlines almost every other week, the global threat to password security is a concern for everybody. Back in January 2019, one of the biggest data leaks in history saw 770 million users’...

25 April 2019


The security mistakes SMEs cannot afford to keep making

In recent years, data breaches have become such a common headline that major companies seem to be notifying their customers on a weekly basis. In 2018 it felt as if nobody was safe as breaches hit companies including British Airways, Marriott...

20 March 2019


Ethical hacking: how to test the effectiveness of your cyber security

Many businesses assume that the sole purpose of ethical hacking is to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses across networks, systems and applications. However, it can also be used to test and validate cyber security controls –...

27 February 2019


Top mobile security trends

Mobile devices have changed the way businesses communicate and carry out a number of daily tasks. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile technologies allow employees the flexibility to stay connected in the office and from any number of remote...

8 January 2019


How to keep your home office secure

Working from your home office can be a great experience and a way to enjoy your home more while still getting your work done. Whether you are a remote worker or an entrepreneur, we hope that you are enjoying the benefits of your career path. Yet...

4 January 2019


How can businesses safely implement BYOD?

Over the past few years, the adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a widespread practice in many businesses across the globe. It is a practice which allows staff to use their own personal devices for work purposes, either within the...

27 November 2018

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