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Safe Disposal

Smartphones and tablets that you no longer need should be disposed of with great care. The data on your device can easily be accessed whether you sell, scrap, give away or donate it, and even ‘deleted’ data can be retrieved with relative ease by criminals. 

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  • Thoroughly remove all data from your device before disposing of it.

In addition, disposing of smartphones and tablets responsibly will ensure the minimum environmental impact and ensure that you are not breaking the law. 

The Risks

  • The personal information stored in files on your device – including contacts, photos, videos and email attachments – can be accessed and used for criminal activity.
  • Any passwords stored on your device could give access to secure websites holding your personal and financial information.
  • Any browsing history can be accessed.
  • emails stored on your device can be accessed.
  • Disposing of your device without having retrieved the information you may need in the future may cause inconvenience or disruption. 

Safe Disposal

  • Ensure all data is copied from your device by syncing it with your computer, then restore it to factory settings. Alternatively, you could back up your device to the cloud, if enabled.
  • If the device is at the end of its life and you do not intend to sell it or give it away, take it to a proper disposal facility, which will ensure that is dismantled and the components recycled correctly and responsibly.

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