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British Sign Language Interpreted – Friends Against Scams Awareness Session
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Twitch Hack – What you can do now to protect yourself
Commonplace online retail scams and how you can avoid becoming a victim

Fast forward a few years to the conversations that parents and grandparents will be having with kids. “When we wanted to buy something, we used to go to shops, which were buildings in the town centre that are now mainly apartments. Or we’d drive out of town to what were called retail parks, where it […]

Get Safe Online Caribbean Cyber Heroes announced

The overall winner and ‘highly commended’ nominees have been announced in Get Safe Online’s ‘Cyber Heroes’ awards, run for the last three weeks in 12 Caribbean countries. Toward the end of November, we launched the awards by asking people in the countries in which we have Get Safe Online websites to nominate someone who had […]

Must-avoid COVID-19 scams

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people and businesses around the world have relied on the internet in an unprecedented way. Family get-togethers and business meetings alike have given way to virtual calls. We rely more heavily on going online for communications, buying and selling, getting our news, enjoying our entertainment and much, much […]