Victim Support

Being a victim of any cybercrime – be it fraud or personal identity theft to online abuse, stalking or paedophilia – can be a difficult and frightening thing to deal with, especially as the identity of the perpetrator is often hidden online. You might feel embarrassed about falling victim to a scam or think you should have done more to protect yourself online.

If you have been affected by cybercrime and need confidential emotional support or advice on what to do next, you can contact Victim Support, the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime across England and Wales.

Victim Support’s specially trained staff and volunteers will offer support for as long as is needed, regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police or how long ago it took place. If you decide to report the crime to the police, they can give you help and advice on what to expect. Their dedicated volunteers will offer you emotional support to help you regain your confidence and protect yourself against possible future threats.

You can call the Supportline on 08 08 16 89 111 or request a call back via the website. You can also contact your local office directly via the website.

Supportline is open 24/7 and it is free, confidential and independent.

Children and young people who have been affected by online crime can also contact You & Co. You & Co is Victim Support’s youth programme that helps young people cope with the impact and effects of crime. It offers advice on staying safe online and can put you in contact with one of their support workers. You can find your nearest You & Co service here.

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A Glossary of terms used in this article:

Identity theft

The crime of impersonating someone – by using their private information – for financial gain.