Staying Safe Online – Safeguarding Children & Young People in The Digital World

Session 1 –

August 18th, 2022

(PNG – 5pm/ Vanuatu, Solomon Islands – 6pm / Tuvalu, Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati – 7pm / Samoa, Tonga – 8pm) 08:00 AM London

Session 2 –

August 24th, 2022

(PNG – 8am/ Vanuatu, Solomon Islands – 9am / Tuvalu, Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati – 10am / Samoa, Tonga – 11am)

This interactive event is composed of a 60-minute workshop with plenty of time to ask questions.

During the session we will be exploring some of the key factors to be aware of regarding the online space and exploitation.

The aim of this session is to give you an overview of what young people may experience online & explore the harms that they may face on a daily basis.

The session will raise your understanding of how the online space can be exploited and will discuss examples of how online platforms are used to achieve this.  It will better equip you to engage and support children and young people in their online world.  

Learning Outcomes

 If you apply what you have learned you will be able to:

•Recognise online risks and identify effective ways to support young people to interact safely with the online space.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what could make a young person vulnerable to online harms.
  • Identify some key signs that your child may be struggling in their online space.
  • Know how to report any concerns.
  • Understand the support/resources available.

Note: Each session will be the same presentation, they are just at different times to provide you a choice

Liz Stanton

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