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This page features nine easy-to-use, free tools to help you protect yourself, your family, finances, devices and workplace from fraud and other online harms. Please use them in conjunction with the information and advice found elsewhere on this website.

Check a website

A fast, easy way to check if a website is likely to be legitimate or fraudulent … before you visit it.

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Check a photo

Has that photo on a dating site or advertising platform been copied from another website? Check here.

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Check a physical location

Is that business or person genuine? Find out where the street and premises of a company or person are and what they look like.

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Check for a data breach

Have your contact details been stolen by cybercriminals? Check here.

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Check if you can spot a phishing email

Can you tell the difference between a genuine email and a scam? Test your knowledge.

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Check your social media footprint

How big is your social media footprint? Here’s a fun way to check.

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Store all your passwords securely

You don’t have to remember or write down all your passwords, with this simple tool from Microsoft.

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Check the strength of passwords

Your passwords are the key to your online life. Make sure the ones you create are strong enough.

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Manage your passwords in one place

Create, store, manage and check the strength of all your passwords saved in your Google account.

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