YouTube video for new Google Glass is scam

Google Glass – the augmented head mounted display from the internet giant – has not yet been released, but is already giving scammers a new excuse to defraud innocent technophiles.

Searching 'free Google glasses' results in a high-ranked link to a YouTube video entitled '[{FREE}] Google Project Glass [[FREE GOOGLE GLASSES]:' The video is copied from Google's original YouTube ad, but it also features information on how to obtain the product free, with the following message:

The future is here!
Google Project Glass is Augmented Reality Glasses
The glasses is not available for public,but it’s possible to get similar glasses for free!
Check it out: (link to malicious URL)

If you follow the link and follow the instructions on the website about how to accept the offer, a page appears with links supposedly giving directions on how to become a beta tester for the new product. Clicking on any of the links, however, leads to various survey scams, some of which will attempt to sign you up for various premium services by entering your phone number and a “confirmation code” (sent by text to your phone) into a website.

Google Glass will not be available for some time to come, in fact pre-orders only began to be accepted eight months ago, and a campaign involving the public in suggesting how to use the product creatively has only just finished.

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