Windows XP support ends next Tuesday. Are you ready?

April 3rd 2014

As April 8th approaches, you may have noticed an increasing amount of media coverage about Windows XP.

For information and advice on replacing Windows XP, click here.

This is because as of next Tuesday, Microsoft will no longer be supporting its ageing operating system – which means no more updates, security patches, bug fixes or Security Essentials, in effect leaving your computer vulnerable to infection by malware and the possibility of everything that can result from this.

If you still have Windows XP running on your computer, time is running out for you to find a solution to keep yourself protected. You may be able to upgrade to a later operating system, but these generally require far more powerful computers to run on than many equipped with the old system. You may think that the time is now right to invest in a new computer. If it's a Windows 7 or 8/8.1 machine, Microsoft is offering a free utility to transfer your data from your existing machine. Or you could opt for an Apple or other format of machine, or maybe go for a tablet, of which there are many available at a wide range of prices and specifications.


Whether you're still running Windows XP on your home or business PCs, we strongly suggest that you read our specific information and advice page, which provides details on all the options open to you.


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