Watch out for Ukash loan scam

1st October 2013

A new loans scam is fooling people into using Ukash vouchers to pay a fee to secure a loan.

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Online cash payment provider Ukash is warning consumers of a new loans scam and urging them to think twice before being taken in by scammers asking for upfront fees over the phone to secure loans … or for any other purpose.

People searching for loans online are being targeted by scammers claiming to be from the loan company. They ask the victim for a fee to be paid upfront using Ukash vouchers. However, once the cash is paid, the victim never receives their loan, leaving them out of pocket and the fraudsters are long gone. One Lancashire man recently lost £350 in the scam.

Ukash spokesperson Miranda McLean said: “We are continuing to work closely with key partners and the police to crackdown on these types of scams preying on unsuspecting consumers. Consumers must never hand over their Ukash codes to criminals posing as loan companies, as they will lose their money." She continued: “Individuals need to remember to only spend Ukash vouchers with official merchants, which are listed on our website Remember, no genuine loan company will ask for a fee to be paid up front. We urge people to treat their Ukash vouchers like cash and not give them to companies or individuals they don’t know. If in doubt, check the Ukash website. It is always better to be cautious and stay safe from fraudsters.”

Anyone who realises they have been a victim should contact Ukash immediately on 00800 247 85274, and the company will attempt to block the Ukash code before it is used. They should also report the crime, or attempted crime, to Action Fraud UK on 0300 123 2040.

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