Warning about sexual offences linked to online dating

February 27th 2016

The National Crime Agency is warning about the dangers of sexual offences linked to online dating.

For information and advice on protecting yourself from sexual offences happening on meeitings resulting from online dating, click here.

In parallel with Get Safe Online's own current awareness campaign on the dangers of being defrauded when online dating, the NCA has revealed alaming figures that show a six-fold increase in rapes and other sexual offences from 2009 to 2014. 

The figure is double that involving bogus taxis.

To increase awareness of the problem amongst the nine million people in the UK who use dating sites – and to help protect potential victims – the NCA has issued some information and advice via a prominent social media campaign and also a blog written by Deputy Director Caroline Young. 

We advise you to read Caroline's blog and also follow the NCA's twitter feed @NCA_UK

Our own general advice on safe online dating – including keeping yourself safe on first dates as well as avoiding romance fraud – can be found here.



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