Scam warning after Flybe collapse

March 6th 2020

The collapse of regional airline Flybe has brought major concerns for hundreds of thousands of passengers, 2,300 employees and the company’s financial backers. It is also severely impacting a number of UK airports for which Flybe accounted for a considerable proportion of flight movements.

However, Get Safe Online is warning that the collapse will also spark a rash of scams, perpetrated by fraudsters exploiting Flybe’s demise. Typically of such situations, you may receive emails, texts, phone calls or messages/posts on social media claiming to be either from the Administrator, Flybe itself or a legal firm, offering refunds and/or compensation. These may request details of your bank account or ask you to click on a link. Alternatively, they could request an upfront payment as a fee for handling compensation claims.

Such communications could be received whether you are a Flybe customer or not, with the fraudsters relying on hitting some genuine customers amongst the thousands of people they target randomly. Shareholders may also be targeted by such scams.

Only Flybe customers will receive genuine communications from either the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) or the Adminstrator, EY.

Who to contact

  • If you have a booking sold by another airline that includes travel on a Flybe flight, please contact the relevant airline or travel agent to confirm if there is any impact to your travel plans.
  • Customers are also advised to monitor the Civil Aviation Authority website for further information (
  • If you require any further information or assistance, please contact the Administrators by email at [email protected].



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