Scam ‘Royal Mail’ email claims package being held

December 11th 2014

A fraudulent email currently in circulation is claiming to be issued by Royal Mail and says that a postal item is being held for a customer. It comes at a time of year when many people are expecting delivery either of online purchases or gifts from loved ones, and contains an attachment which should not be opened under any circumstances.

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The offending email reads as follows:

Mail – Lost/Missing Package

Royal Mail have detained your package for some reason (for example, lack of a proper invoice, bill of sale, or other documentation, a possible trademark violation or if the package requires formal entry). The RM International Mail Branch holding it will notify you of the reason for detention (in writing) and how you can get it released.

The email then asks the recipient to open up an attachment to complete a document. It is believed that the attachment contains a zip file with a malicious virus.

Royal Mail advice

Royal Mail is aware of the scam and is taking action to protect customers from these fraudsters. Royal Mail state that it will never:

– Send an email asking for credit card numbers or other personal or confidential information;
– Ask customers to enter information on a page that isn’t part of the Royal Mail website;
– Include attachments unless the email was solicited by a customer e.g. the customer has contacted Royal mail with an enquiry or has signed up for updates from Royal Mail.

Royal Mail, the  National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Get Safe Online advise customers NOT to open the attachment if they receive this email and to report the scam email to Action Fraud by calling the 0300 123 2040 or via the web reporting template at

Advice regarding the scam can also be found on the Royal Mail website at:

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