Maya ‘end of the world’ PowerPoint contains malware

Security experts have issued a warning about opening a PowerPoint presentation about the Mayan Calendar's supposed end of the world event, meant to be happening today. Opening the presentation will infect your computer with malware.

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There is much talk circulating about the end the 13th Baktun cycle in the 'Long Count' of the Maya calendar, which corresponds with 11.11am GMT, today, the winter solstice. The theory has, in fact, been discounted by Mayans themselves.

The presentation about the world ending was created by a preacher in the US, however it appears that he had nothing to do with the infected version which is now circulating, which was uncovered by SophosLabs. His legitimate WordPress blog has been compromised and is also currently performing search engine manipulation duties for Viagra pushers, "off-shore" casinos, forex fraud and payday loans.

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