Manchester charity concert fake ticket warning

June 2nd 2017

In general, criminals have no scruples about whom they defraud – however much hardship or despair it causes the victim. However, the offer of fraudulent tickets to this Sunday’s One Love Manchester concert featuring Ariana Grande & Friends in aid of victims of the recent terrorism bombing, seems especially despicable.

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This fraud not only deprives genuine fans of their tickets and their money, but also defrauds the bombing victims themselves. Action Fraud is aware that tickets are being fraudulently offered for sale to members of the public.

Being tempted into buying a ticket for Sunday’s concert at Old Trafford Cricket Ground from unauthorised and unofficial sellers could leave you out of pocket, as they may be counterfeit or not even exist.

The purchasing of any ticket from an unauthorised, unofficial seller or ticket tout could leave you out of pocket; there is a real risk that any tickets purchased via these routes are either counterfeit or do not exist. Anyone presenting a ticket believed to be counterfeit on the day of the event will be refused entry.

As the official vendor, Ticketmaster has stressed that tickets to this particular concert are non-transferable. In addition, owing to the nature of the event, popular resale marketplaces for concert tickets will not be allowing any listings of One Love Manchester tickets.

Don’t get caught out

– Purchase tickets only from the official vendor.

– Be wary of purchasing tickets from a social media account. There is a risk that the ticket does not exist or is counterfeit. Consider conducting research on the information provided by the seller, for example a mobile phone number or email address used by the seller could alert you to any negative information associated with them online.

– Avoid making payments through bank transfer or money transfer services, as the payment may not be recoverable.

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