Made your new year resolutions yet?

It's traditional to make resolutions at this time of year, about what we're determined to do either when the clock strikes midnight or over the next twelve months … and the things we're determined not to do. Some resolutions we keep to, others we don't.

At Get Safe Online, we've come up with a few suggestions for new year resolutions you really should stick to in order to stay safe when you're on the internet. Unlike quitting smoking, eating less or spending less time at work, these resolutions are simple to keep to, and will bring you valuable benefits. Just click on the resolution to find out how to stay safe in 2013.

– Choose safe passwords … and keep them safe

– Make sure websites you're entering payment and personal details on are authentic and secure

– Be careful what you say, believe and pass on when social networking

– If you're using your smartphone or tablet in a cafe or hotel for confidential or financial online use, make sure the wifi link is secure, or wait until you get home (and make sure your wifi link is secure there too!)

– Keep an eye open for phishing emails, and don't click on links in emails, even if they appear to come from friends

Always remember to back up your data

It just remains for us to wish you a happy and safe new year online, and please keep coming back to Get Safe Online for some great advice.

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