Get Safe Online launches safe Christmas shopping advice

November 20th 2017

Today sees the launch of our awareness campaign designed to help people buying online in the lead-up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and, of course, Christmas.

To read our expert tips on safe Christmas shopping, click here.

When it comes to buying presents and other Christmas goodies, the internet wins hands-down in terms of speed, convenience, choice and often, cost savings. However, the massive uplift in the run-up to the festive season also represents a great opportunity for fraudsters to profit at your expense. Even if you are careful throughout the year in buying only from reputable online retailers, recognising bargains that are ‘too cheap’ and revealing confidential information on bogus websites, it can be very easy to get caught out because your mind is elsewhere or you’re just too busy to do those little safety checks.

Our experts have put together a set of online shopping top tips, which cover everything from checking that a payment page is secure to spotting a fake email from a ‘courier company’ delivering your online purchases. We also advise why buying counterfeit goods – deliberately or unintentionally – is a bad idea for many reasons, not getting hooked into a subscription trap and booking that Christmas or New Year getaway safely. 



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