Get Safe Online launches ‘Protecting Your Devices’ campaign

September 21st 2017

This week sees the launch of our latest monthly online safety awareness campaign – Protecting Your Devices. The campaign aims to help you keep your connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and connected watches safe from cyber criminals.

For information and advice on keeping your internet-connected devices safe, click here.

The campaign highlights that it is not just the device itself that is of value to criminals (although many are re-sold on the black market and abroad for hundreds of pounds or more), but the information on – and accessible from – the device such as private data, confidential emails, login details, data on apps, financial information and much, much more.

It includes a short guide with simple safety tips on how to keep your devices safe including protecting them with a strong PIN or password through to using security software and regularly backing up your data.   

Our Chief Executive, Tony Neate, said: “Our smartphones, tablets and laptops have become essential to both our personal and work lives, they are also the gateway to our online lives so it’s important to keep them protected. These devices are expensive and contain some of our most precious data such as irreplaceable photos or confidential personal or work information so you don’t want them falling into the wrong hands.  Simple things such as using a strong PIN or password on our devices, as well as using security software and back-ups, mean if you do lose your device, your information is kept safe.”

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