Firefox 20 has new private browsing features

Mozilla has today released the latest version of its Firefox internet browser, and it can be downloaded as of now.

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The emphasis is on Firfox 20's private browsing mode, which allows users to open a private browsing session whilst still browsing in normal mode in other open windows. Android mobile users can use per-tab private browsing, which, according to Mozilla, lets you "shop for a birthday gift in a private window with your existing browsing session interrupted. You can also use a private browsing window to check multiple email accounts simultaneously."

Firefox 20 has other new features too, such as a download manager for the desktop, enabling users to customise the home screen shortcuts with their favourite sites and support for additional HTML5 and WebRTC features.

The new Android version now also supports more devices that use less powerful ARMv6 processors, including the Samsung Galaxy Next, Dart, Pop and Q, and the HTC Aria and Legend.

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