Fake parking fine emails strike again

May 21st 2014

A second wave of scam emails purporting to be from the Ministry of Justice is hitting email inboxes.

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The mail – from – claims that the recipient's vehicle was parked on private property and that the parking charge was not paid. It contains an attachment containing 'additional information', which is likely to contain damaging malware.

These emails are not from the Ministry of Justice and vary with changed dates, times and case numbers. They follow a wave of similar fraudulent emails reported in March this year.

If you receive such an email, delete it, do not download the attachment and report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or via their online fraud reporting tool.



A typical 'Ministry of Justice' scam email reads as follows:


Case: C8283872

Please print attached form and fax it to +44 020 5604 9003

Your vehicle was recorded parked on our Clients Private Property driveways on the 15.05.2014 and remained on site for 2 hour 23 min. A notice was sent to you on 10.04.2014 which gave 28 days to pay full PARKING CHARGE or challenge the issue.

The amount of £77.00 is now due if payment not received within 28 days, an additional 40.00 administration charge will be incurred. Failure to pay the full outstanding balance within 14 days of the date of this notice could result in the outstanding balance being registered as a debt against you. You will also become liable for additional costs and interest invoiced. Your ability to obtain credit in the future could be affected.

Check attached document for more information.

We are holding photographic evidence on file to support this claim.

The Ministry of Justice gathers information relating to site usage. Any information gathered is primarily for internal use to allow us to refine and improve our customer service.

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