Facebook page scams Twilight fans

Whilst many fans of the vampire-themed fantasy romance series 'Twilight' are finding it hard to contain their excitement about this week's release of 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2,' scammers are making the most of the opportunity on Facebook.

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Watch out for a bogus page which reads: "To celebrate we're giving away FREE Twilight Vampire contacts (contact lenses)." After "liking" and sharing the scam post, you will be told to click on a 'consumer reward' link that leads to phishing forms, but never to the promised lenses.

On the phishing page, you will be asked to select your desired contact lens colours and enter your email address. Clicking through will lead to yet another phishing page where you are promised free tickets and asked for even more sensitive information. Completing the forms will give cyber criminals all they need to commit bank fraud and steal your identity.

This latest scam is not the first that Twilight Facebook fans have dealt with. In August, fans were duped into clicking on an alleged death video featuring series star Robert Pattinson. Before that, a game that contained a phishing questionnaire stole user details.

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