Facebook Black? There’s no such thing.

Facebook users are facing yet another scam this week … the opportunity to make their Facebook page really cool by turning the colour to black.

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Many are now seeing images advertising the new 'Facebook Black' in their news feeds. The image asks users to click a link shared above, which will then lead them to an official-looking app permissions screen. In actual fact, there is no such thing as 'Facebook Black', and clicking on the link will only open you up to a possible security breach.

The page reads: “Are you sick fo that boring old blue theme? Well now you have the power to change your facebook color to anything your heart desires." Some versions attempt to fool users by displaying a limited time offer and prompting them to generate a code to access the new feature.

As always, the best advice is to investigate any 'new feature' or 'offer' that seems too good to be true or out of the ordinary. And if you happen to get caught up in a scam, make sure you remove any corresponding likes and app permissions from your Facebook account.

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