Elderly couple lose £85,000 in telephone bank scam

August 22nd 2014

A 70 year-old man and his wife from Pershore, Worcestershirehave  lost £85,000 as the result of a scam in which fraudsters posed as bank employees to obtain their account login details.

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According to West Mercia Police, the incident took place earlier this month when the man received a call by someone claiming to be a bank employee. The man informed him that a cheque for the value of £17,000 had been tendered from their account and advised they call their bank straight away.The victim called what he believed to be his bank, but as the fraudster had not hung up his call went straight back to his number.

The fraudster then posed as a member of the bank’s fraud department and advised the victim to transfer funds from several other accounts as his account had been compromised. In total £85,000 was fraudulently transferred. Police were able to secure some of the transferred funds, but warn all individuals to be wary of attempts to defraud them in this manner and advise the following: Banks and police officers will never ask for account details or PINs over the phone, and would not come round to the house to collect your cards or property.

If you do get such a call, hang up and report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or at


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