Don’t get caught out by scam Euro news

June 28th 2016

 Alan Shearer for Prime Minister? Michael Gove for England Manager?

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Joking aside, the media, your colleagues and the man you meet on the bus stop will all have their own thoughts and rumours on who will succeed in these two top jobs following the United Kingdom’s referendum vote to exit the European Community … and the England football team’s exit from Euro 2016. As well, of course, as what’s happening at the top of the Labour Party.

These events will undoubtedly lead to widespread attempts by scammers to exploit this speculation and confusion by posting, emailing and texting bogus news alerts which, if you take any notice of, will lead to you becoming a victim of fraud, identity theft, or both.

 If you receive sensational alerts in random emails, text messages or social media posts, ignore and delete them, and block the sender. Clicking on them puts you at high risk of visiting a fraudulent website designed to infect your device with malware, or trick you into disclosing confidential details. Clicking on such random email attachments can have a similar outcome.

 Whether it’s football or politics, may the best man or woman win.



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