Biker jailed after bragging on forum

A motorcyclist who was caught speeding and boasted on an internet forum about lying to police, has been jailed for eight months.

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Andrew Kelly, aged 37, from Leeds, was timed by a mobile speed camera riding at 122mph on the A63 near Selby, in Yorkshire in June last year. He told North Yorkshire Police that a prospective buyer had been test-driving the bike at the time of the offence.

However, police found a thread on an internet forum detailing the incident and how Kelly aimed to avoid prosecution. The forum was aimed at people who wanted to to defend themselves against speeding offences. The comments, posted by a user named "andyroo", described events matching the speeding incident and outlining how he intended to avoid being caught. Another thread by the same user contained details of a parking offence, which the user said he had appealed against using falsified documentation. Police traced the ticket, which was found to have been issued to Kelly.

Kelly admitted one charge of perverting the course of justice in relation to the speeding offence, one charge of perverting the course of justice in relation to a parking fine and one charge of speeding. He received an eight month jail term at York Crown Court, as well as receiving six penalty points.

The incident indicates that whatever goes online, stays online and is visible to more people than you may realise when you are posting it.


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