Beware of scams following Pope’s resignation

People are being warned to be wary of online scams following the shock resignation earlier today of Pope Benedict XVI.

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Such events are usually accompanied by a wave of fraudulent activity … so if you encounter anything online – apart from in the news sources you normallly know and trust – we advise caution. Here's what scammers might try to catch you out with:

– Unsolicited emails which include a link to the Pope's resignation speech

– Unsolicited emails selling travel tickets to Rome, accommodation or 'tickets to the papal conclave'

– emails about the resignation, or election of the new Pope, which contain attachments 

(all of the above may even appear to come from people you know and trust, but could be sent by malicious 'botnets')

– Facebook posts containing links to other pages, or inviting 'likes'

– Tweets containing links 

– Messages on dating sites, social networking sites and instant messaging forums from people you have befriended claimng to be devout Roman Catholics or religious historians, requesting money to travel to Rome

All the information and advice about avoiding scams can be found right here on this website. 




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