Beware of ‘early referendum results’ messages

September 18th 2014

It seems to have been an age arriving, but finally today is the day when the people of Scotland vote on whether they wish to become an independent nation or remain as part of the United Kingdom.

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Major national or global events which attract widespread interest can also attract the attention of scammers, and we would like to warn you about emails, social media posts, texts, forums and instant messages which 'reveal the results' of the referendum at any point before the official result is announced from the Royal Highland Centre outside Edinburgh. Chief Counting Officer Mary Pitcaithly says she announce the result at "breakfast time" tomorrow.

Unlike a political election, there will not be any exit polls today, so neither the 'Yes' or 'No' camps nor the raft of pundits will be able to predict the result with any more accuracy than when voting began at 7 o'clock this morning.

Clicking on links in messages that claim to reveal the actual or anticipated results any time before this could send to you a hoax website where you will be asked for personal or financial details or be exposed to inappropriate material. Opening attachments in emails could infect your computer or other device with a virus.

Our advice

– Do not click on links in emails, social media posts, texts, forums or instant messages promising early results of the referendum
– Do not open attachments in emails on the subject
– Sit down with a cup of tea and a bacon (or square sausage) sandwich tomorrow morning and watch Ms Pitcaithly announce the historic result

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