Beware iCloud calendar and photo sharing spam

November 25th 2016

iCloud users are being warned to ignore spurious spam messages relating to iCloud’s calendar and photo sharing functions as it may result in a greatly increased volume of unwanted spam – and potentially fraudulent – messages.

What happens is that you will receive a request for either a calendar event or to view/share an iCloud Photo Sharing image or album. A typical one is shown on this page. If you respond, or even choose to decline, the spammer is informed that your account is active and will continue to send the spam, possibly in greater volumes. There is an additional possibility that your account details will be sold to others, multiplying the problem.

This issue differs mail spam, which is either cleaned out by a spam filter or is an isolated occurrence.

The solution

iCloud Calendar spam can be stopped, using the following procedure, which will move the spam invitation to a separate calendar. From there, that calendar can be deleted.

1. Open the Calendar application

2. down to Calendars, then tap’ Edit’

3. Add a calendar to the list using the same button

4. Give it a name (like Spam) and tap ‘Done’

5. Double-tap ‘Done’ to return to the calendar

6. the spam invitation

7. Tap the bottom (above invitation) on ‘Calendar’

8. Select the newly created spam calendar

9. Repeat this for all invitations

10. Now navigate back to the ‘Calendars’

11. Tap the i-button next to the spam calendar

12. Scroll down and tap ‘Delete calendar’

iCloud Photo Sharing spam, however, continues to be an issue, with no current known fix apart from turning off the feature by going into Settings, then Photos & Camera and selecting ‘Disable iCloud Photo Sharing’.

We are grateful to 9TO5Mac for this information.

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