BBC launches guide to scam emails

November 10th 2014

The BBC has launched its iWonder Guide entitled 'Would you fall for a scam email?', presented by Kate Russell (shown here), Reporter on BBC's Click – the online bulletin on how computers and digital technology affect our lives.

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Every year, more than three million people in the UK fall victim to scams, losing tens, hundreds and even thousands of pounds. The annual cost is estimated to be some £3.3 billion – yet the Citizens Advice Bureau estimates that just 5% of these scams are reported.

Many scams are perpetrated via bogus or 'phishing' emails, so the BBC's inaugural iWonder guide deals with just these … what they look/read like and how to spot them. The guide takes the form of an interactive infographic complete with video, that leads you through the steps to spotting a fake email and beating the scammers.

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