Apple users face surge of security threats, says Symantec

December 12th 2015

Security specialist Symantec has warned that Apple computers and mobile devices are likely to face higher levels of security threats from now on, having already witnessed a substantial increase in criminal activity. Our advice is to install reputable internet security software on all your Apple devices (and indeed all non-Apple devices).

Many Apple users will tell you that OS X and iOS devices are immune from threats owing to the design of the operating systems and security of the App Store. This is a myth that has been steadily dispelled, and Symantec's new report points out that he number of new OS X threats rose by 15% last year, and the number of iOS threats discovered this year has more than doubled. Almost without exception, the more popular a platform becomes, the more popular and lucrative it becomes as a target for criminals, and Apple is proving not to be an exception.

To date, most of the problems occure on jailbroken devices … those modified to download non-Apple apps.
Symantec warned that users face a growing range of threats, from 'ordinary' cybercrime gangs diversifying to Apple platforms to high level gangs developing customised malware specifically designed to target the devices.  

Symantec's report adds that the number of threats targeting Apple devices remains in comparison to Windows computers and Android mobiles. However, as Apple devices continue to burgeon in popularity, the range of threats will increase accordingly. 




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