Apple issues security update following hack

In a sequel to our headline story earlier today, Apple has issued a security update to users of its Mac computers. 

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The patch repairs issues surrounding Java, which had a major vulnerability that enabled malicious code to infect machines. The Java weakness has been exploited in attacks on several companies recently, one of the most high profile being Facebook. 

Users are urged to install the new patch, which will give them the most up to date version of Java. 

Apple has been the subject of some criticism regarding their response to the incident. Graham Cluley from internet security company Sophos, thinks that they have been slow to react, citing Oracle's own fix being issued at the beginning of February having discovered the vulnerabilities. Cluley told a BBC journalist: "It does look like they could have been quicker on this. There has been a history of Apple being a laid back on patches."

Responding on speculation as to the source of the hack – variously thought to be from China or Eastern Europe – Cluley says that this is diffiicult to pinpoint. "Even if it comes from a Chinese computer, it could have been a hijacked Chinese computer," he said. 


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