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Online Safety & Security

Online Safety & Security

Every organisation relies on the internet to some degree or another for communications, transactions, payments and data access. Unfortunately, however, the internet has also become a channel of choice for criminals to commit financial and other crimes. Your organisation must take precautions to protect itself.

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Apple Mac Computers

Malicious activity against Macs increases as they become more popular. 


How to bank online safely and securely.


Cybercriminals use botnets to take over computers to perpetrate a number of crimes.

Business Security Planning

The first step to taking a systematic approach to security.


Cyber certification can bring important benefits to any organisation.

Cyber & Information Security Support

Consider using a cyber and info security support specialist.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cover events such as lost data, viruses, hacking and data protection breaches.

Data Encryption

Encrypt confidential data and communications in case they fall into the wrong hands.

DDoS Attacks

Attacks which render their victims' websites unable to service legitimate requests.

Downloading & File Sharing

Ensure that when you download anything from the internet, you are doing so legally.

Electronic & Card Payments

Simple precautions can prevent problems from arising.


How to deal with unwanted communications that can be very harmful to your business.


Ensure good security practice and robust systems before embarking on eprocurement.


A firewall is a barrier between the internet and your computers or network.


It is essential to ensure that you can identify and prevent fraud.


Hacking to cause disruption or make a point.

HMRC/Companies House Scams

HMRC or other government organisations will not email requesting confidential data.


Software distributed to disrupt, defraud and/or spy.

Mobile & Home Access

Ensure access when working away from the office is secure at all times.

Password Protocol & Control

Correct password choice and use is vital in order to protect security and identity.

Protect Your Website

It is essential to protect your website against hackers and technical failure.


Malware that remotely locks a computer from a remote location and demands payment.

Selling on eBay

Take precautions against risks encountered when selling on auction sites.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is criminal's deceitful route to many types of crime.

Social Networking / Social Media

Safe and responsible use of social networking sites.

Staff Policies

Any connected organisation faces risk. Minimise this with robust staff policies.

Supply Chain

Poor practice or systems could jeopardise the security of the entire supply chain.


The safe setting up and use of office and home Wi-Fi networks.

Windows Server 2003

Support will cease in July 2015, so look at your upgrade options.

Windows XP

If you haven't updated or migrated, do it now.