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Happy Xmas, but not everyone is as nice as you!

28th November 2013

As Christmas approaches, many organisations are trying to help you to keep safe when on the internet, as it's a time of not only joy and happiness but also stress, when you could be liable to be less careful.

At Get Safe Online this year, we've focused on online shopping as the subject of our festive advice, but our colleagues at the City of London Police have also issued some great general advice, covering many of the areas where you could run into problems by not taking care. They've called the campaign the 12 Online Frauds of Christmas.

- Shopping online
- Auction sites and auction fraud
- email links and attachments
- Holiday fraud
- Electronic eCards
- Social networking specials
- Donating to charity online
- Making payments for presents and services online
- Transferring money
- Voucher fraud
- Ticketing fraud
- Mobile payments

You can check out and download the City of London Police's 12 Online Frauds of Christmas by clicking here, and read the background to the tips here.

You can also keep up with what the force is doing and to help them to spread the word by following them on Twitter #noteveryoneisasniceasyou

And as always, if you think you have been the victim of Fraud, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 20 40 or by visitng