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Information Security

Information Security

Your information is the life blood of your organisation. Whether it be customer, employee, financial, design, manufacturing, product or any other kind of data, the profitability, integrity, reputation and possibly the very existence of your organisation could be at stake if your information is not adequately protected.

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Robust backups are vital to protect data, finances, reputation and legal compliance.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Knowing how to maintain 'business as usual' in the event of a problem is vital.

Business Security Planning

The first step to taking a systematic approach to security.


Cyber certification can bring important benefits to any organisation.

Cyber & Information Security Support

Consider using a cyber and info security support specialist.

Data Breaches / Security Incidents

You should have a process for managing and reporting security breaches.

Data Encryption

Encrypt confidential data and communications in case they fall into the wrong hands.

Data Loss Prevention

Protecting data from loss should be a key part of your IT strategy.

Data Protection Act

If you store personal information, you must comply with the Data Protection Act.


It is essential to dispose of  devices correctly to avoid your data being accessed.


It is essential to ensure that you can identify and prevent fraud.


You should have a framework for the governance of cyber and information security.

Information Access Management

It is vital to manage who has access to which information held by your business.

Information Risk Assessments

Awareness of risks is prerequisite to having an information security strategy.

IT Support

Find and engage a trustworthy IT support supplier.

Password Protocol & Control

Correct password choice and use is vital in order to protect security and identity.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is criminal's deceitful route to many types of crime.

Staff Policies

Any connected organisation faces risk. Minimise this with robust staff policies.

Supply Chain

Poor practice or systems could jeopardise the security of the entire supply chain.

The Cloud

It is vital to protect your own and any customer data hosted or stored in the cloud.

Unnecessary Services

Review old computing services for decommissioning as they may pose risks. 

User Accounts

Set up user accounts where more than one person can access a computer or network

Windows Server 2003

If you still use Windows Server 2003 you need to be planning now for its replacement. 

Windows XP

No security updates or fixes are now issued for this version of Windows.