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Hardware & Devices

Hardware & Devices

The safeguarding and correct use of your computers, servers and mobile devices is as vital as protecting connections and human behaviour when it comes to the safety and security of your organisation.

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Apple Mac Computers

Malicious activity against Macs increases as they become more popular. 


Robust backups are vital to protect data, finances, reputation and legal compliance.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Knowing how to maintain 'business as usual' in the event of a problem is vital.

BYoD (Bring Your own Device)

Managing the safe use of employees’ personal devices in your organisation.


It is essential to dispose of  devices correctly to avoid your data being accessed.

IT Support

Find and engage a trustworthy IT support supplier.

Mobile Devices

What you need to know about safe usage of smartphones and tablets.

Network & Computer Security

The internet has made securing networks and computers a very challenging task.

Physical Security

Physical security is as important as online security.

Unnecessary Services

Review old computing services for decommissioning as they may pose risks. 

User Accounts

Set up user accounts where more than one person can access a computer or network